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Rapos Embroidery Thread

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Rapos Embroidery Thread    Starter Thread Kits     Rapos Metallized Embroidery Thread

NEW-->  Lamé Stylo Sparkling Thread

NEW from the Manufacturer of Rapos

A Multi-color Varigated Thread - Available in 9 Blended Colors

$9.95 per 800 meter mini-cone

TEXMAC Direct is proud to announce a Variegated Multicolor Embroidery Thread. A new Metalized, Mylar-wrapped polyester, embroidery thread that is a blend of colors that change as you sew. Available on 800 Meter mini-cones.

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gm1.jpg Gold, Green & Rust gm4.jpg Blue, Gold, Green
& Pink
gm7.jpg Green, Red,
& Dark Gold
gm2.jpg Dark Green
& Purple
gm5.jpg Mint Green & Silver gm8.jpg Rust, Silver & Teal
gm3.jpg Black & Silver gm6.jpg Baby Blue, Pink
& Silver
gm9.jpg Green, Red & Silver


Lamé Stylo - A Sparkling Embroidery Thread Available in 24 Colors

$10.00 per 1000 meter mini-cone

Brought to you by the same manufacturer that produces the highest quality, competitively priced ULT Rapos Embroidery thread,
this scintillating embroidery thread features a blend of polyester and nylon strands which combine to make a thread that sparkles
and shines, adding a special pizzazz to your creative endeavors!

A uniquely sparkling specialty thread which is Brand New to the US market!
Available on the
new 1000 Meter mini-cones.

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OR click on the color to purchase from of our online retail store.

LM01 Baby Pink LM09 Navy LM17 Orange/Gold
LM02 Medium Pink LM10 Purple LM18 Orange
LM03 Dark Pink LM11 Teal LM19 Tan
LM04 Red LM12 Chartreuse LM20 Brown
LM05 Red/Orange LM13 Green LM21 Silver/White
LM06 Baby Blue LM14 Dark Green LM22 Grey
LM07 Medium Blue LM15 Yellow Gold LM23 Charcoal Grey
LM08 Royal Blue LM16 Gold LM24 Black

Lamé Stylo is a 210 Denier, 2-ply (79% Polyester / 21% Nylon) constructed , 50 weight SPECIALTY thread.  
Because of its strong construction and lighter weight, you will be able to use this attention grabbing thread to produce both intricately detailed lettering as well as fantastic fills which are sure to bedazzle your customers!



Rapos High Sheen Polyester thread in  245 rich colors!

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TEXMAC is HAPPY to announce the availability of our BEST SELLING ULT Rapos (100% Polyester, 40 weight non- post processed)
embroidery thread on small 1,000 meter (1,100 yard) mini cones in addition to the 5,000 meter (5,500 yard) large cones!
For both the Home/Hobbyist Sewer and Commercial Shops that may prefer the smaller quantity thread put-up because of space concerns as well as inventory control. Our excellent quality thread offerings put up on large and small cones will best serve everyone’s needs!

We carry the Ultra Rapos 100% polyester thread on 5000 meter regular cones
NEW 1000 meter mini-cones.

1000 meter mini-cone pricing
1 - 20 Cones $2.80 per cone
21 - 60 Cones $2.70 per cone
61 - 100 Cones $2.60 per cone
100 + Cones $2.50 per cone
5000 meter cone pricing
1 - 11 Cones $7.20 per cone
12 - 23 Cones $7.00 per cone
24 - 60 Cones $6.75 per cone
50 - 99 Cones $6.50 per cone
100 + Cones Call for Pricing

ULT Rapos Thread Cone Sampler - Price $10.00
If you would like to try our Rapos polyester thread, we offer a sample kit that contains 7 of the primary colors most often ordered 
Rapos 1 White, 204 Yellow, 405 Blue, 507 Kelly Green, 617 Dark Purple, 800 Scarlet Red, & 900 Black
On 200-meter cones in a pack to get you started.

Click Here to go to the Rapos Thread Sampler section of our online retail store

Rapos 1 Bright White Rapos 617 Dark Purple
Rapos 204 Yellow Rapos 800 Scarlet Red
Rapos 405 Medium Blue Rapos 900 Black
Rapos 507 Kelly Green    

More on our ULT Rapos Thread
ULTRA RAPOS is the highest quality, 120 Denier, 2-ply (880-gram tensile strength) 40 weight polyester thread available in the world!    All ULT RAPOS colors are filament dyed.  None are post-processed.  Because there is never any vat over-dyeing, you get the benefit of having the strongest, highest quality thread available without variance from lot to lot. If you are frustrated with receiving, or, you would like to avoid receiving the inevitable "bad batches" of thread that you will get from suppliers of polyester thread that routinely post process their thread offerings, our ULTRA- RAPOS virgin thread with its high sheen and exceptional color and brilliance and the silk like shine of rayon and silk thread, will help you maximize the efficiency of your embroidery endeavors!

Recommended Upper Thread Tension 120 grams



We also carry 2 different starter thread kits.
A 5000 meter cone kit that has 15 cones of Rapos thread and 1000 meter kit that has 40 mini-cones for Rapos thread.

Click Here to see the available kits.


Rapos Metallized Embroidery Thread
Now available in 5,000 meter, 2,000 meter & 800 meter cones

Click Here to go to the Rapos Metallized Thread section at
OR click on the color to purchase from of our online retail store.

TEXMAC is HAPPY to announce the addition of the marvelous Metallized G Series thread in gold, silver, red, green & blue are 
available now on 2,000 meter cones as well as on 800 meter mini cones (in addition to the 5,000 meter cones in gold and silver)! 
You will now be able to order this marvelous product in whatever put up that best serves your needs!

  Metallized Gold
Metallized Silver
Metallized Red
Metallized Green
Metallized Blue
5,000 Meter Cone $ 27.00 ea.
part# G26
$ 27.00 ea.
part# G27
n/a n/a n/a
2,000 Meter Cone $ 17.25 ea.
part# G2K 26
$ 17.25 ea.
part# G2K 2
$ 17.25 ea.
part# G2K 2
$ 17.25 ea.
part# G2K 2
$ 17.25 ea.
part# G2K 30
800 Meter Cone $ 9.95 ea.
part# RGS 26
$ 9.95 ea.
part# RGS 2
$ 9.95 ea.
part# RGS 2
$ 9.95 ea.
part# RGS 2
$ 9.95 ea.
part# RGS
Metallized Cone Sampler - Price $14.50
If you would like to try our Rapos Metallized thread, we offer a Metallized Cone Sampler that contains 
all 5 of the colors on 200 mini-meter cones.
Click Here to go to the Rapos Thread Sampler section of our online retail store

About Our Metallic Colors
metallized thread is a mylar-wrapped polyester that uses the same needle as standard 40-weight polyester and rayon embroidery thread!  You can run it at higher speeds than traditional metallics, saving you a lot of time!  In addition, you'll find our prices are very competitive for both our polyester and metallized thread!

ULT- RAPOS Metallized Thread (sews like polyester - because it is !!!)
Ultra Rapos 100Denier,  2-ply, Mylar-wrapped thread has the look and shine of traditional metallic threads. However, with its core of 2-ply polyester thread, it sews as easily as non-metallized thread. Get the look of metallic without the sewing hassles of traditional metallic thread!  OVERSIZED NEEDLES ARE NOT NEEDED. Fewer thread breaks! This item is a real problem solver!!    
880 gram Tensile Strength!!
 Recommended upper thread tension 100 grams.

All the thread we offer does not contain any lead. Click HERE to download the documentation.


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